Summer Camp Registration

Sessions are 9:00am- 12:00pm each day.
Price: $ 200.00
Sept-Aug, weekly after-school, group beginner equestrian lessons--$100/month.
60 min private lessons--up to four lessons a month. $240/month.
RULES AND REGULATIONS General Safety Rules: Absolutely No smoking or fires allowed on the property. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are to be consumed on the property. Dogs are not allowed on premises without owners (Istvan Hernek) written consent. QF works hard to maintain the property, please pick up after yourself, and your horse. Please be respectful of boarders, riders and barn staff. This means no gossiping and no pushing, shoving or placing your hands on someone else at any time. Parking on the East side of the lower barn only. No children in the hay loft unless a parent is there watching. All minor children are to be accompanied by an adult unless another arrangement has been made. Children are all those that are under 18 years of age. Riding Rules: ASTM approved helmets and approved footwear (boots with heels) and other safety gear is required for everyone while mounted on the property. Anyone handling, grooming or riding a horse in this facility must complete and sign a rider release before handling or riding. Horses may not be left unattended. Do not ground tie your horse in the aisle. Use halters and lead ropes when handling horses. No phone usage while mounted for any reason. NO riding in the grass without permission. No jumping without permission, except for during your lesson. Do not use other rider's equipment without permission. No jumping without any other adult in the ring. Barn Etiquette: Only seasonal items to be hung on stall doors (sheets / blankets / fly spray). Scheduled lessons have the right of way, please yield to jumping horses. There is absolutely no running in the barns at any time. All doors (stall doors, isle doors, isles, etc ... ) are to be left clear at all times. Please wash and groom horses in designated areas only. No unattended or loose horses or turnout in arenas without permission. Horses must be on lead or cross-ties when in the barn and must be on lead or under saddle in all arenas. Do NOT turn out, move, or work with another's horse unless an agreement has been made between you and said horse's owner and cleared with the barn manager with written consent. Except in the case of an emergency and the owner fails to show up. All tack must be neatly kept in the designated tack room for each barn. No mounting horses in their stalls, in the lower barn, or the isle of the upper barn.
I, the equestrian rider and/or owner of the horse( s) or visitor of Orchard Park Equestrian at Quakerfield indicated below acknowledge that I participate voluntarily in the general riding, handling, lessons and competitions; I am fully aware that horse sports and general riding, handling, lessons and competitions involve inherent dangerous risks (i.e. brain, spinal, damage and injury that may result in death) and by participating I expressly assume any and all risks of injury or loss. I am completely responsible for my own safety in all circumstances as there are many potentially hazardous situations with noises from bangs and various equipment around the farm, such as tractors, drags and all other sorts of machinery. I agree to hold harmless Orchard Park Equestrian at Quakerfield, its owners, heirs and employees--harmless for any injury or loss suffered during,or in connection with, the horse industry and sport, whether or not such injury or loss suffered during, or indirectly from the negligent acts or omissions of the property owners. Please note that New York State is a Ride At Your Own Risk State, for more information please look into bill A 1513.