Meet Our Horses

Obsydian (Syd)

Black Friesian Gelding

Syd is strong, sleek and tries to be obedient. He is the largest of our horses and stands 17 hands tall, but don’t let his height fool you…He really is just a curious, fun-loving kid at heart.  He is happy to be in your face and will love all the attention you can give him.


Standard Bred Dark Bay Gelding

King stands almost as tall as Syd at 16 ½ hands.  He’s a handsome well-trained horse, but he can be shy around strangers.  He warms up nicely if you don’t try to touch his face. King loves to be “talked to” and is very smart.  He loves apples and carrots (but please don’t feed him without permission as all of our horses are on a strict diet).


Chestnut Mare with Star

Classy is a cheerful mare who loves to jump and gallop.  She is spunky and can give you some attitude at times–hence, her nickname on the farm is “Sassy Classy”. She used to do barrel-racing and is a great pick for an intermediate rider. She’s a blue ribbon babe! 


Dapple Grey Appaloosa Gelding

Everyone loves Jack–he’s an easy-going dapple grey appaloosa gelding. He loves the slower side of life–except when it’s dinner time.  He gets excited about his hay.  Jack is a great choice for a beginning rider, as he likes to take things slow and easy.  He’s friendly and obedient and loves treats and kids.


Beautiful Grey Gelding

Drako is well seasoned and stately.  Although he is a gelding, his beautiful flowing mane and perfectly rhythmed gaits make him elegant to watch with a rider.  He is a Arab Mix and can jump over 5 ft high fences if you want him to.  Drako loves to go fast–his favorite’s are to canter and gallop, so hold onto those reins tightly, and be ready for a fun ride!  In his previous life–we suspect he was a unicorn.

Princess Peach and Baby Peach

Welsh Mountain Mare Pony and Chestnut Filly

Peach is a calm, white Welsh Mountain Pony who came to the farm recently with a surprise–she was expecting!  Baby Peach was born in May 2021 and is a chestnut philly bundle of joy!  Mother and baby are doing well.  Peach is a wonderful breastfeeding mother, which means she is not available to ride just yet.  Baby Peach loves romping around the corral, but doesn’t like to stray far from her Mommy.  We have all kinds of names for the cute new duo–but “Peaches and Cream” is becoming a farm favorite.


Tall Grey Thoroughbred Gelding

Zen used to be a racehorse who won blue ribbons on the track. He’s a lean, galloping machine. His long legs and ample stride make him a great horse for intermediate riders.


Standard Bred Chestnut Gelding (Black Mane)

Rio likes to run. He can hop a fence with little effort, but mostly is just searching for greener pasture. He is a dark bay with a black mane.  His stall sign should say “Don’t touch me” (he doesn’t like people touching his face).  He has a lot of spunk and energy out in the corral, but loves alone time in his stall too

Meet Our Minis




Mini Bay Gelding (White Mane)

He’s the tallest mini horse with lots of attitude and unmanageable mane. He likes all the attention and doesn’t play nice with the other minis at times.

Mini Colored Gelding (Dark Mane)

He likes to chill and graze all day long. Mo follows along just for the fun. He loves to run around and show off his patches of color. He’s best friends with Fatty.

Short Mini Gelding (Grey Mane)

Fatty boom boom is short and cute and here for the food. He is the “farm mascot”.  He loves to eat and eat and eat some more. Fatty follows his pal Mo wherever he goes.  

Meet Our Retired & Boarder Horses


Grey Mare (Grey Mane)

Older gentle mare with lots of stories to tell. She loves people and petting. The sparkle of her grey mane and dreamy dark eyes give her a fairytale unicorn look. She has issues with her hooves and therefore, is excused from lessons. 


Chestnut Gelding (Brown Mane)

He may be “retired” but still has plenty of style. Ari is a chestnut gelding with a black nose and white star on his forehead.  He is calm and easy going and enjoying a lazy retirement life with lots of hay and grain. Ari is not available to ride due to age and hoof issues. 


Chestnut Mare with Strip

Cici is a bit shy and has a distinct touch of grey on her withers. CiCi can be a bit skittish and camera shy, but once she warms up to you–she’s a really sweet girl.  Cici is a boarder, but enjoys the action and attention she gets on the farm.   


Black Western Mare

Leia is sweet and strong. She does barrels at horse shows. Leia loves it at quakerfield farm. She is a boarder here, so she knows her owners well, but might have to warm up to you for petting. She may only be ridden with permission from the owners.


Shorter Grey Gelding

Reggie is mostly white with strong legs and a calm nature. He loves to swing his head side to side and hang out with his friend Hunter.  He is also a boarder and is only ridden with permission from the owners.


Tall Grey Gelding

Reggie is strong and stately. He has distinct flea-bitten speckles and a strong, long neck. Hunter is very obedient and loves his buddy Reggie.  He is also a boarder–feel free to pet, but may only be ridden with permission from the owners.


Dark Bay Mare (Black Mane)

 Lily’s beautiful coloring is reminiscent of Disney’s “Spirit” but a little darker. Lily loves to be groomed and given attention, but is also a boarder and may be ridden only with permission from the owners.

Stay tuned….as we have a few new horses on their way!